Available Gate Options

Our full line of Command Gate options have been developed to work seamlessly with your Command Gate to enhance your gate and customize it to your specific needs.


Everything needed to operate your gate on solar power is included in this package. The solar panel can be mounted on an existing post or you may purchase our 10’ Solar Mast (see below).


Our Vehicle Sensing Loops can be installed in your asphalt or gravel driveway to detect your vehicle and open your gate automatically.


Our 10’ Solar Mast is constructed from powder coated aluminum and is designed to accommodate single or double solar panels.


Our newly designed stainless steel CGK-1 Keypad provides style and function for your gate. Our user-friendly, backlit keypad allows you to add or remove up to 25 different user codes. With your keypad, you can latch your gate open or program temporary user codes. Your keypad can be mounted on an existing post or you may purchase our Intercom/Keypad Pedestal Post (see below).


Our CG Dialer utilizes wireless technology to give you and authorized users control of your gate via your cell phone or landline. This wireless option lets you open or close your gate by simply calling or texting the CG Dialer from anywhere phone service is available. Your CG Dialer is installed in your fiberglass enclosure.


Our CG Intercom has been designed with superior style and features in mind. This all-in-one, stainless steel, vandal resistant enclosure supplies you with all the features of our CGK-1 Keypad and CG Dialer with the addition of 2-way voice communication. You will have full command of your gate even when you are away from home. Your intercom will call up to three phone numbers in sequence each time the intercom call button is pressed. This allows you to speak to the person at your gate and easily grant them access to your property through a series of phone commands. Your CG Intercom can be mounted on an existing post or you may purchase our Intercom/Keypad Pedestal Post (see below).


To operate your gate on 110V AC power, purchase our AC Power Adapter. Once your electrician has supplied 110V AC power to your gate, simply plug the AC adapter into the receptacle and the gate with be ready for operation.


Our Intercom/Keypad Pedestal Post is constructed from powder coated aluminum and is designed to accommodate your keypad or intercom. The goose-neck design places your device at vehicle height allowing you and your guests access to the buttons without exiting your vehicles.


Our pillar options provide exceptional custom style and design to your gate. We offer two main types of pillars, Mason-Ready or Composite, in standard sizing at standard pricing. We can also customize your pillars to your size specifications for an additional cost. Contact our sales team for full details and pricing.


Our Mason-Ready Pillars are integrated into our frame system during fabrication. These pillars are designed to easily accommodate professional stone or brick masonry material. Once your gate is installed you can arrange for your mason to finish your pillars with the stone or brick material of your choice. This option is popular with those who want pillars that match existing stone or brick material on their property.


Our Composite Pillars are fully finished at our manufacturing facility and are integrated into our frame system so your gate will be fully complete on the day of installation. Our Composite Pillars are available in a variety of man-made, stone-look options for you to choose from. Composite Pillars provide hassle-free style to your gate.


Our gate frames are pre-wired for your convenience to add AC or solar lighting options to your gate package. Bring the perfect touch of warmth and custom style to your pillars with your choice of light fixtures. We can adapt and install most off-the-shelf fixtures. We also stock standard coach light fixtures which are available in top mount or front mount styles.

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